GUM Crayola Kids' Flossers 75 ea

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GUM® Crayolaâ„¢ Kids’ Flossers have especially been designed to protect your child’s dental health by learning health-promoting habits early in life and by helping to keep the between-teeth areas clean and free of plaque. GUM® Crayolaâ„¢ Kids’ Flossers make the cleaning between the teeth easy, fun, and motivating for child and caregiver. Regular string floss can be difficult to use even for adults. GUM® Crayolaâ„¢ Kids' Flossers are small, easy-to-grip handles preloaded with high quality, shred-resistant, gentle dental floss. GUM® Crayolaâ„¢ Kids' Flossers can be used by parents and caregivers to clean between the teeth of infants and toddlers. Young children may start to use Kids' Flossers themselves once they gain manual dexterity. GUM® Crayolaâ„¢ Kids' Flossers are packed in three fun designs and three colors, pink, blue, and green–to build interest and engagement on the tooth cleaning process. All GUM® Crayolaâ„¢ Kids' Flossers have a delicious grape flavor and a fluoride coating.

  • Yummy Grape Flavor,
  • Easy To Hold Handle,
  • Fluoride Coated,
  • Shred-Resistant

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