REIGNDROP Ink Pad For Baby Footprint, H&print, Create Impressive Keepsake Stamp, Non-Toxic & Acid-Free Ink, Easy To Wipe & Wash Off Skin

Color: Pink
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Keep alive the childhood of your baby and let the adorable tiny steps & footprints take you to the precious past childhood cannot be retained forever but you can certainly create memories that will last lifelong, and also help strengthen the bond between you and baby.

ReignDrop Baby Ink Pad

- All parents appreciate the cuteness of tiny hands & feet but many often miss to capture them make the best of this opportunity, and take out a few minutes to create memories of a lifetime
- No worries, concerns, or mess 100% baby safe ink that's easy to clean from the skin
- Smudge-proof archival ink stays new-like for way longer
- Use the foot or handprints as a signature in thank you cards, for creating beautiful frames, scrapbooks, growth tracking books, lively journals, etc.
- Equally suitable for use on small areas like baby's toes and fingers, and big areas like bigger kids' hands, or even animals' paws


1. Practice placing baby hand/foot on a paper.
2. Gently press an ink pad onto a baby's hand/foot. Try not to rub the ink pad on the foot, the dabbing motions will work better. Make sure the ink covers all of the hand/foot.
3. Place the inked hand/foot onto a paper.
4. Wipe the inked hand/foot with a baby wipe so the remaining ink will not touch anything by accident. Repeat step 2-4 with another hand/foot.
5. Let the ink dry completely for 10-15 mins.
6. Wash the ink off hands/feet with soap and warm water.

Hurray! Your child has created the unique & original imprints for your keepsake forever!

ORDER NOW before the baby outgrows the early age!

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