Fun Play 7" Dinosaur Toys (Set of 12) Jumbo PVC Assorted Toy Dinosaurs for Boys with Play Mat & Educational Full Color Dinosaur Book

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  • Dinosaur Toys! Dinosaurs, Trex, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor Toy, and More!
  • 12 Kids Dinosaur Toys - Average 7" in Height or Length, Realistic Looking for Educational Play
  • Kids Love Plastic Dinosaurs - Learn About Them and Play with Them with our 12PC Set of Jumbo Plastic Dinosaurs, our 16-page Full Color Book and Dinosaur Playmet, All Included in Fabulous Gift Box
  • Fun For All Ages - 16-Page Full Color Book Includes a Description & Full Size Photo of Each of the Unique Dinosaurs in the Set, an Archaeologist Crossword Puzzle and a Connect-a dot Dinosaur Picture. Educational Info Included Such as Size of Dinosaur, Weight and Diet; Fantastic Mix of Trex Toys, Velociraptor Toys, Stegosaurus Toys Etc (Listed Below)
  • Dinosaurs Toys For Boys - Included (No Duplicate Dino Toys) Allosaurus (1), Ankylosaurus (1), Apatosaurus (1), Diplodocus (1), Monoclonius (1), Pacheycephalosaurus (1), Parasaurolophus (1), Spinosaurus (1), Stegosaurus (1), Triceratops (1), Trex, or Tyrannosaurus Rex (1), Velociraptor (1)
  • Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle has the Names of the Above Included Dinosaurs to Hunt For; Connect-a-dot is the Trex and Play Mat is Perfect for Standing all the Dinosaurs in Their Habitats

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