Jada Toys Minecraft 1.65" Die-cast Metal Collectible Figurine 20-Pack Wave 2, Toys for Kids and Adults, Multi (30770)

Sale price$25.99


  • This is an authenically licensed product directly from the Minecraft PC Game.
  • Crafted from durable materials such as 100% die - cast metal and premium metallic paints, the quality of these figures is undeniable.
  • Standing at about 1.65" and weighing approxiamtely 30g.
  • Highly collecitble figures included in this 20-Pack, mix and match the different characters from the Minecraft world.
  • Our high - end casting method allows us to capture the styling, posing, and unique quality's to various Minecraft characters.
  • Characters included are: Steve, Alex, Zombie Pigman, Witch, Wither, Snow Golem, Mooshroom, Iron Golem, Baby Zombie, Steve in Enchanged Armor, Alex in Diamond Armor, Charged Creeper, Villager(Nitwit), Villager(Priest), Zombie Villager, Llama (Brown), Tamed Wolf, Tabby Cat, Teleporting Enderman, Drowned

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