Squeaky Cheeks Baby Powder (5oz) | Organic | Unscented Talc-Free & All Natural Powder | Effective Relief from Rash Wetness & Itching

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  • SAFE FOR BABIES AND ADULTS: Our blend is safe to use on the body, private parts, and feet. It is highly effective for ABSORBING MOISTURE and preventing sweat associated health concerns.
  • Guaranteed to PREVENT DIAPER RASH, ODOR, and IRRITATION. Squeaky Cheeks Baby Powder is a superior diaper rash powder, and will alleviate rash symptoms, remove odors, and help your baby’s skin stay dry.
  • PROVEN TO BE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PRODUCT: And it's ALL NATURAL BABY POWDER, our proprietary formula composed of bentonite clay, elm bark, essential oils, and corn starch is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, and will keep the area that it is applied to dry all day.
  • SQUEAKY CHEEKS IS TALC FREE BABY POWDER: Talcum powder can be incredibly dangerous for you and extended exposure may result in chronic lung irritation, also known as Talcosis. Talcum is also known to be responsible for various cancers such as ovarian cancer. SWITCH TO THE ALL NATURAL HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TODAY!
  • MADE IN AMERICA: Contains ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, free of harsh and toxic chemicals and parabens.HYPOALLERGENIC AND NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

Product description

Squeaky Cheeks all natural baby powder effectively absorbs moisture from the skin and aids to promptly alleviate and prevent rash symptoms. This talc free baby powder is formulated to effectively prevent and reduce odors, irritation, and to keep the skin smooth, soft, and clear. Our all natural baby powder is simply superior and will prevent diaper rash. Talcum based powder has been the only choice for decades; it is outdated, inefficient, uncomfortable, ineffective, and can be disastrous to your and your baby’s health! Our talcum free powder is a blend of natural ingredients that produces instant results and rigorously outperforms competitors in every imaginable test. - Squeaky Cheeks: Funny Name, Serious Comfort.

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Natural Clay, Elm Bark, Essential Oils, Non-GMO Corn Starch

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