Tenergy TN438 16-Slot Smart Battery Charger for AA AAA NiMH NiCd Batteries with LCD Display + 8 AA and 8 AAA Premium Rechargeable Batteries

Sale price$84.99


  • VOLUME BATTERY CHARGING - High count of 16 bays to charge more of your everyday AA & AAA batteries without needing multiple chargers and eliminating your wait time. This package comes with 8 AA and 8 AAA Tenergy Premium Rechargeable Batteries with high capacities for longer run time. Perfect batteries for high drain performance in your electronic devices such as TV remotes, gaming controllers, wireless mouse, wireless keyboards, kids toys, clocks, and many more.
  • 2 EASY TO READ BATTERY STATUS LCD SCREENS - View each battery's charging or discharging status on the LCD lit screens. Easy to understand and easy to see, even when charging in the dark,
  • SAFE CHARGING - Built with smart technology that provides full protection against over-charging, over-heating, and reverse polarity. Also comes with 8-hr safety timer protection to help save energy and prolong battery life.
  • OPTIONAL REFRESH BATTERY CYCLING - Keep your batteries' capacity performance in good shape by selecting the optional refresh button to fully discharge the battery before charging it back up.
  • INDEPENDENT CHARGING CHANNELS - Charge any number of batteries up to 16 at any time without having to charge only in pairs. Use any battery as soon as they're done charging or cycling. Buy with confidence, your charger includes a 12-month warranty.

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