Viva Naturals Fish Omega 3 Fish Oil - Omega 3 Supplement w/ Essential Fatty Acid Combination of EPA & DHA, 90 Capsules

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  • Triple-strength Fish Oil Get 3x More Omega-3 Fish Oil Per Serving Unlike other wild fish oil pills, we concentrate our pharmaceutical grade fish oil without the use of heat or chemicals. The result is a triple strength omega 3 fish oil supplement of exceptional quality and potency. Each serving delivers 3X more omega-3s per serving than you would get with many leading supplements. Each daily serving provides you 2,200 mg of fish oil, including 1,400 mg of EPA and 480 mg of DHA.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Omega3 Fish Oil Capsules With Superior Absorption* When shopping for the best omega3 supplements, concentration matters. Our triple strength fish oil supplement provides a 2,200 mg of pure EPA fish oil, with 1,400 mg of EPA, and 480 mg of DHA. Inferior fish oil capsules use ethyl ester omega-3s. Our DHA EPA are delivered in triglyceride form, which is proven to be a superior, and better-absorbed form of omega-3s.* This means you get the most out of every serving.
  • Supports Memory Function, Brain Health + Heart & Eye Health* Omega3 fish oil capsules could be the one supplement youve been looking for to help keep your heart healthy, help maintain healthy eyes, and supply your brain with essential fatty acids EPA DHA.* A recent clinical study has shown that taking fish oil supplements can help support age-related memory function. If youre going to choose one supplement to add to your self-care routine, this is it.
  • No Fishy Aftertaste Or Fish Burps Forget about the fishy aftertaste or smell of inferior quality fish oils, and say “so long” to fish burps! Our pharmaceutical grade omega oil is purified using molecular distillation to remove heavy metals, PCBs, and other toxins. Its light, ultra-clean, and easy to swallow, making it a simple and convenient way to get your daily dose of heart and brain-loving omega-3s. No fish burps!
  • IFOS Certified Pure & Money Back Guarantee We use small fish, and our extraction method carefully strips away harmful PCBs, toxins, and heavy metals from our fishoil omega 3. Each batch certified for purity by the International Fish Oil Standards Program, and highly ranked by Labdoor for premium quality. Were so confident in our fish oil that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you dont agree that its among the purest and best fish oil supplements, simply return it for a full refund.
Size:90 Count (Pack of 1)

With just two softgels, Viva Naturals Ultra Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil goes beyond what you’d get from ordinary fish oil capsules, providing 1,400 mg of EPA and 480 mg of DHA. These are the essential fatty acids that give your body the nutritional support it needs.* Brain function, heart health, eye health, skin – you name it.*

Many fish oils come as ethyl esters, which your body needs to break down into digestible triglycerides. Viva Naturals Fish Oil pills provide omega-3 fatty acids in triglyceride form. This means they put less stress on your digestive system, making them easier and faster for your body to absorb and utilize than other omega 3 fatty acid supplements.* Our high potency capsules are packed with 2,200 mg of fish oil to support your overall wellness routine.*

With fish wild-caught using responsible fishing practices, our Fish Oil omega 3 supplement is of the highest quality and standards, and third-party tested to ensure exceptional purity and safety. Plus, we’ve done everything we can to preserve the quality of our omega fish oil, so odor and dreaded “fish burps” common with other fish oil supplements are minimized. If you’re looking for an effective, high-quality fish oil supplement, you’ve found it.


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